#SkillChamp is an online programming contest exclusively designed for Young Minds to explore their avenues, with the variety of programming languages offered. Our vision is to motivate the young talent’s by providing a better platform to showcase their technical ability. We hope that this engagement helps you to asses yourself. 


✓  Best participants chance to win great prizes.

  • First Prize Amazon Voucher  worth of  ₹3000
  • Second Prize Amazon Voucher worth of  ₹2000
  • Third Prize Amazon Voucher worth of  ₹1000



Participants can start the preparation in the below topic’s :

 C Language

OOPS Concept


Please take the Mockup test preparation before take in the actual test.




 You can take up this test from MARCH 05, 2019 until MARCH 25, 2019.

Top performers will get! rewards! Before attempting the #SkillChamp, please read the guidelines below.







  • #SkillChamp has total  50 question’s with choices.
  • Participant’s to attend all questions.
  • Total test duration is one hour.
  • Once you submit the final test, Reachmentor will send the results immediately.
  • Reachmentor team will be take the final decision and announce it through E-mail and Social media. 


Just two steps away to take the Test.

Step 1:

Login with your Google Account

Step 2:

After login please start the quiz!

Best Of Luck!