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Why Our Learning Solutions?



      Alumni have transitioned analytics roles



  Average salary hike post course completion



  Companies share opportunities with Reach us

Any Time. Any Where

Time never be a constraint for your learning. You can learn AI any time and from any where.

  Interactive sessions

You can interact with our Subject matter experts whenever you have doubts and need clarity. 

  Effective Mentoring

Reachmentor  ensures your personalised learning by our one-on-one mentorship with our  experts.

Course Management

Content Friendly

Content is created in a way that helps everyone to easily understand and useful in industry.

Assessments Engine

Assessments support in assessing individual performance and boosts them in better performance.

Learning Paths

Learning paths should be restricted in the way that courses can be completed any where.


Should support for the latest industry standards in the form of content and design development. 

Surveys Engine

All data which is needed is collected and analyzed based on the  survey responses.

Files Repository

Organize, reuse and share files with selected users.So that users can access it from any where at any time.

LMS Features

In every course, You will have curriculum listed with the subjects. Every subjects will have multiple lessons. Lessons are text,video and presentation formats. It is made in such a ways that you can follow this step by step. There will be a interactive session hours for every course. You can reach your assigned instructor for any clarification. You can leave a note if you have any doubt. On covering all topics, every course will have Test projects for Hands-On Project experience.


Train yourself to sustain on the constantly evolving  technologies, new processes, best practices and innovations to meet the latest demands in the industry.



Train Healthcare professionals on new medical devices, procedures and Healthcare compliance training needs.




Facilitate distance learning or enhance your offline traditional teaching using ReachLMS for educational organizations.



Training is essential in Manufacturing and eLearning streamlines the processes required, reaching thousands of learners.


Call Center

Equip your Call Center agents with the right set of skills and knowledge to handle just about every possible case.




Build your own online sales training courses to train your sales teams residing in different stores, cities, countries and time zones.



Supply Chain

Train employees on new operating procedures to eliminate costly human errors.



Utilize time and resources effectively by honing employees’ customer service skills while enforcing proper procedures in the Hospitality industry with eLearning.

Food & Bevarages

Online training is a key ingredient in the food industry for onboarding new hires and developing the skills of existing employees.

Non-Profit Organisations

Get closer to your mission by ensuring that all staff and volunteers are trained on processes & regulations, no matter where they are.


Ensure pilots and ground staff are trained to comply with regulations, systems and standard airline operational processes.


Scale your Telecommunication training to thousands of customer service reps or technicians across regions in an instant.

Real Estate

Broaden the scope of knowledge for all employees with online training. Scalability across time zones and locations makes this the ideal solution for the Real Estate industry.


Introduce new models to dealerships around the world or inform technicians about new regulations, easily, through eLearning.



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Reach us gives you the tools to supercharge every step of your training.

Frequently Asked Question

It is a handy learning online platform which helps in getting trained for modern organizations.

Really easy. We have removed all major obstacles from your path. You can start working with ReachMentor immediately actually, since there’s nothing to download or install) and you can create your courses by reusing your material (Videos, Presentations, Documents etc) or any other publicly available information on the Internet.

If your organization is serious about training its employees or customers then the answer is yes. Online training can be used in conjunction with your current training process or even as a complete replacement. There are a variety of benefits when you move to online training such as: reduced costs, reproducibility of training, no time or place restrictions and comprehensible reporting on who was trained in what. There are a few additional usage scenarios in which you might find it handy.

ReachMentor can be used in a wide range of industries that need to offer some sort of training. These include but are not restricted to: Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Public sector, Arts and Entertainment, Mining, Hotel, Non Profit, Marketing and Advertising, Law, Finance and Accounting, Real Estate, Health Care, Well-being and Non-profits. Actually, almost all industries can make use of some good training.

With Reach we tried to answer one main question: How can we provide real value to modern organizations through elearning?

We have a prevailing hypothesis that is the basis of everything we did with ReachLMS. This hypothesis has to do with both elearning and the environment in which a modern company needs to adapt and grow. Our main hypothesis is this: for a modern organization to adopt elearning we first and foremost need to make it a super lean experience. ReachMentor makes effective usage of your time and maximizes the training output. To do so we have eliminated a lot of the fancy but unnecessary functionality, enforced an aesthetic integrity on content presentation and emphasized the reuse of already existing training material.

Yes, it is as secure as it gets. All data is transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel. 

Absolutely! You can select a ReachMentor based domain or you can map your own domain.

Yes. ReachMentor comes with effective communication tools.  You can  send direct messages to individuals or groups of Mentors. And you can get your doubts clarified over there. 

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