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Alumni have transitioned as IOT Experts




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Time never be a constraint for your learning. You can learn IOT any time and from any where.


Post completion of the course and quiz, We will share the certificate of completion.  

 Effective Mentoring

Reachmentor ensures your personalised learning, by enabling one-on-one mentorship with our Subject matter experts.

Program structure

In every course, You will have curriculum listed with the subjects. Every subjects will have multiple lessons. Lessons are text,video and presentation formats. It is made in such a ways that you can follow this step by step. There will be a interactive session hours for every course. You can reach your assigned instructor for any clarification. You can leave a note if you have any doubt. On covering all topics, every course will have Test projects for Hands-On Project experience.

Content Rich Courses

Our well designed courses with Interactive video and presentation content will help you to understand the concepts clearly.

Interactive sessions

You can interact with our Subject matter experts whenever you have doubts and need clarity. You can also raise your questions any time, Our expert will clarify in text or video format.

Hands-On Project

After completion of the course, There will be a test project for your hands-on experience with the industry ecosystem setup. We will deliver Basic IOT Kit  with this course to practice. 

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          Online Classroom | One-on-One/Group Mentoring

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      After course completion, There will be a quiz on the course content. On completing that, You will receive a certificate of Course Completion. Our Course Certificate comes with a unique ID which can be verified by your future employer.

More about IOT

The Internet of Things, also called The Internet of Objects, refers to a wireless network between objects, usually the network will be wireless and self-configuring, such as household appliances.More info below : 

  • Today, Internet application development demand is very high. So IoT is a major technology by which we can produce various useful internet applications.
  • IoT is a network in which all physical objects are connected to the internet¬†through network devices or routers and exchange data.
  • IoT is a very good and intelligent technique which reduces human effort as well as easy access to physical devices. This technique also has autonomous control feature by which any device can control without any human interaction.

Fee Details

‚āĻ 14,900/- Incl Taxes.

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Reach us for Course Counselling : +91 63 856 70710 


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 Online Classroom | One-on-One/Group Mentoring 

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, We provide online course content with Expert interaction and personalised mentoring.

There is no prerequisites needed. All you need is interest and basic knowledge on Internet and Electronics.

No Eligibility criteria. It is for all the interested minds.  

Yes, its possible but u should have some familiarity on basics of Electronics and Internet,Computer programming knowledge(Not Necessary).

NO, we provide only soft copy through online.

Upskill your communication skill, Personality development, and placement assistance. 

You can attend the course from any where and any time. 

No problem. Post completing the course, there will be a quiz to assess your knowledge. Our team will help you to finish the test project.