Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchases & Refunds

If you selected country name as India, you will get this error message. We’re sorry, due to government regulations, buyers having a billing address in India cannot use PayPal to make payments to sellers registered in India. Paypal is applicable except India.
You will get refund by online mode within 5-6 working days
After entering into cart page, if coupon code is created in it you can use coupon code.

Making Courses

Account name can be changed after enter into account option in profile. In which you can select your account name in the field display name publicly as by typing your first name, last name and nickname. Display name publicly as field will display all the names which you entered in to first name, last name and nickname fields.
If you know your password, first login into your account to change previous password, then click profile. Then select change password.Type your old password, new password and conformation password. Then select update
After registered as a student, you can login into Then select any course, then click take this course. You will get a message, "You have enrolled in this course Career Guidance". Then selected course will be added to my account.