Python Bot Tutorial

Why we go for python to create a bot?

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language,  and it’s one of the fastest growing language. Everyone talking about python is  a new language but in real python is older than java, C#, etc. Now a days most of the developer prefer python for MACHINE LEARNING, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE because the easiest language available in market it’s called Python. it’s much easier than c, c++, java. Even  google, Dropbox, youtube, yahoo, NASA also using python as a main language or supporting language.


What are the tool’s need to create a python bot?

  • Python (latest version preferable)
  • Command prompt
  • Notepad


How to install python?

For python installation process see the below video.


Basic Python Bot.


Open the notepad and copy , paste the code given below.


import time

import random

name = input(“Hello, what is your name? “)


print(“Hello ” + name)

feeling = input(“How are you today? “)


if “good” in feeling:

   print(“I’m feeling good too!”)


   print(“I’m sorry to hear that!”)


favcolour = input(“What is your favourite colour? “)

colours = [“Red”,”Green”,”Blue”,”Yellow”]


print(“My favourite colour is  ” + random.choice(colours))


Step 2: 

Save the file as your project name with .py extension.

Step 3:

Open the command prompt and choose the your project file path.


      1. If your file in desktop.

C:\Users\windows user\cd desktop and press Enter

C:\Users\windows user\desktop\your file name .py  and press Enter

     2. Else your file in other drive follow below


C:\Users\windows user\cd ..

C:\Users\cd ..


E:\cd your project folder name and press Enter

E:\your project folder\your file name .py  and press Enter

Step 4:

Check the output.


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